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About Us

What We Do

Quite simply, we help our customers meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.  We make life easier for electronics manufacturers by providing the bests quality metal components and assemblies, and by satisfying all required lead times.

We know that our products are critical to creating and maintaining the integrity of  microelectronic system, so we work tirelessly to support all of our customers’ requirements.  No matter the challenge – design, engineering, low-cost/short lead time prototyping, tight production lead times, or problem-solving – we aspire to be a trusted partner to our customers.

Because of our vast experience in multiple industries, Hi-Rel has a depth of product and application knowledge that facilitates cross-pollination of ideas and solutions.

Recent News

Mar 14,2017 / News Posts
CEO Rick Ferraid Announces Retirement and Promotes Bill Hubbard

March 11, 2017 – CEO Rick Ferraid announced his retirement effective March 31st and promotes Bill Hubbard to the position of …

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Our Application Versatility Allows Us to Offer Our Customers Advantages

Product Customization

Hi-Rel’s manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide high-precision designs and solutions.


Hi-Rel’s production processes and facilities are outfitted to support small order quantities just as easily as large.

High Reliability / Performance

We use a unique fabrication process that eliminates the detection of entry and exit paints on our metal products.

Cost Efficiency

Our experience across industries allows lower-cost development for new products.

Quality Control and Testing

Hi-Rel regards quality control procedures as one of the most important aspects to serving customers.