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Hi-Rel Lids

Hi-Rel Lids

Fuller Road
Harleston, Norfolk
IP20 9EA, UK
Phone:+44(0)1379 853944

Fax: +44(0)1379 853058

With 18,000 square feet, Hi-Rel Lids is housed in a state of the art AS9100D &  ISO 9001:2015  certified facility. As our gateway to Europe and Asia, Hi-Rel Lids also boasts a highly experienced design and engineering team devoted to new product development and customer support.

Our manufacturing capabilities at Hi-Rel Lids also include:

  • Chemical etching of ferrous materials
  • In-house Ni and Au plating
  • Low and high temperature brazing
  • Getter integration
  • Window integration (e.g. Quartz, Sapphire or Germanium)


Hi-Rel Lids Terms and Conditions can be found here.