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Defense Application Thermal Spreader

Thermal Spreader/Carrier for the Defense Market

Rapid advancements in technology and higher power requirements constantly increase the demand for electronic thermal management, especially as circuits get smaller, lighter and faster.  One means of managing heat transfer for sensitive electronic components is through the use of thermal spreaders.  

In this example, our defense industry customer needed a custom-shaped electronics heat spreader/carrier made for a 50 watt power amplifier. The required part dimensions were 72.17mm in length, 36.25mm in width and 3.2mm thickness.  In order to achieve the high thermal conductivity requirement of 180-200W/m.K. (watts per meter Kelvin), the part was made of 70Mo/30Cu (copper molybdenum composite). Since this material is delicate and challenging to machine, we used an electro-discharge machining process (EDM). With EDM, we can achieve complex shapes and excellent surface finish without distorting the soft materials, a process which can be very difficult to produce with conventional cutting tools. 

Adhering to the specifications set forth in SAE AMS-C26074 Class 1, the parts were pre-plated using electroless nickel, producing a uniform thickness on all the surfaces, and meeting the thermal spreader/carrier requirements for hardness, wear, and corrosion resistance required.  The part was plated with a final coating of soft gold, applied according to military specification Mil-G-45204C.

Let us help you confront thermal management challenges in microelectronics with our custom thermal heat spreaders to protect sensitive components.

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