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Moisture Getter for Optical Networking

Moisture Getter for the Optical Networking Market

Hi-Rel offers many getter solutions (including Moisture, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen getters) to adsorb contaminants that occur as a result of outgassing over time.  In this project, Hi-Rel produced 2000 stepped lids with Ink Getter for our optical networking equipment customer manufacturing 980nm pump lasers. The part dimensions were 20.70mm in length, 12.57mm in width and 0.55mm thickness. Tolerances of this part were manufactured to be within ±0.13mm.

The lid was made of nickel-plated Kovar (ASTM F-15), which is an iron-nickel-cobalt alloy with a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of hard glass (borosilicate) used for glass to metal seals. This makes it especially suitable for hermetic applications such as pump lasers, which require expansion-matched seals for feed-through connections. The ink getter was supplied by Johnson Matthey and was CNC dispensed onto the lid.  The parts met all expectations for quality and timeline, as well as workmanship and allowed our customer to meet industry standards for internal gas contaminants even after accelerated life testing. 


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