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Semiconductor Nickel Plated Stepped Lid

Nickel Plated Stepped Lid for the Commercial Market

Semiconductor devices such as transistors, crystal oscillators, MEMS, or photocells require a hermetically-sealed package to protect their reliability and functionality in high-tech electronic applications.

In this project, we manufactured 4000 custom stepped lids for hermetic packages for a customer in the semiconductor industry. The lid was chemically machined to dimensions of 46.61mm in length, 23.75mm in width and 0.38mm thickness, with tolerances held within ±0.25mm.  The kovar lid was used because its coefficient of thermal expansion properties matched that of the package material it was being sealed to. Using plating specifications outlined in military specification MIL-C-26074, the lid was plated with electroless nickel to provide both a resistance to corrosion, and a particulate-free surface.  This project had a 99+ % yield and was delivered on-time and in spec to our customer.

To protect your advanced electronics, we offer our customers precision machine & nickel plated custom metal lids. Learn more about our products!

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