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Space Industry Solder Seal Lid

Solder Seal Lid for the Space Imaging Industry

For this project, we manufactured solder seal lids for our space imaging sensor customer.  The space industry solder seal lids were manufactured with an 80Au/20Sn solder frame preform, which was then tack welded to a Kovar (F15 Alloy) lid, plated with Gold over Nickel.

The manufacturing steps included:  First, casting the solder preforms (80Au/20Sn) using a continuous casting process. The material was hot rolled to the desired preform thickness, and then stamped to the solder preform frame shape.   Next, we stamped the lids from Kovar coil stock, then tumbled, cleaned and plated. This particular lid was plated using the 4 layer plating process: 25µ” Gold, 50µ” Nickel, 25µ” Gold, 50µ” Nickel.  During lid to package sealing, the plating layers help promote the 80Au/20Sn soldering and also helps protect the Kovar lid from the long-term harsh environment of a space application.  The two components (80Au/20sSn solder frame and plated Kovar lid) were tack-welded together using a micro-tack weld in each of the four corners. The attachment (tack-welding process) of the solder frame to the lid makes it one component, and makes it easier for the end customer to assemble the hermitic lid onto their electronic package later.

The product’s final measurements included a length of .69” with .05” R, a width of .69” with .25” R, lid thickness of .015” and preform thickness of .0024”. The solder seal lids were fabricated to tolerances of ±0.001″ for our customer in France with a quick turnaround time of 6 to 8 weeks from our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.

We understand the requirements of microelectronic and custom hermetic sealing products based on industry such as space. Learn more about our products!

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