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Hi-Rel announces promotion of Tom Dolan, Jr.

Hi-Rel announces promotion of Tom Dolan, Jr.

ESSEX, CT –March 18, 2015 –

Hi-Rel Group, a leading manufacturer of customized metal microelectronic components, announced that it has promoted Tom Dolan, Jr. to the position of Vice President of Business Development for the Hi-Rel Group.

Tom Dolan began working at Hi-Rel Products in Essex in 1995 after completing his undergraduate studies at University of Rhode Island where he earned a Business Administration degree. In 2000, Mr. Dolan was promoted to Vice President and was responsible for overseeing the operations of Hi-Rel US. In 2009, Mr. Dolan assumed the role of President. Mr. Dolan has over 15 years of industry experience. During his tenure as President, Tom grew the business approximately two-fold prior to selling the company in 2013.

Per CEO, Rick Ferraid, “To support Hi-Rel’s aggressive strategic growth plan, there is no better equipped professional in the industry to lead our efforts than Tom Dolan. Tom’s commitment to customer service as well as his understanding of Hi-Rel Group’s technical product offering will help to take Hi-Rel to the next level in identifying new ways to better support our customer base. Microelectronics and precision metal components are in Tom’s blood and we are excited to expand his responsibilities.”

In his new role, Tom will continue to focus on putting customers first and will be responsible for the strategic leadership of new product development as well as support the Company’s acquisition efforts. Tom will never be far from the customers he has served for so many years and intends to keep close ties to them going forward. Tom can be reached at or 860.767.9031.

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Essex, Connecticut, the Hi-Rel Group, LLC is a leading manufacturer of highly specialized metal components for the microelectronic packaging industry. The Hi-Rel Group includes the following affiliates: Hi-Rel Products, LLC based in Essex, Connecticut, Hi-Rel Lids, Ltd. based in Harleston, Norfolk, England, and Hi-Rel Alloys, ULC based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The company provides a necessary enabling technology for the manufacture of hermetically sealed electronic components, which are used to support high reliability, mission critical devices and systems. Hi-Rel’s products include hermetic
microcircuit packaging lids, ring frames, brazing alloys, thermal management products, getter assemblies, as well as other products and services for the aerospace, defense, optical networking, petrochemical and medical industries.

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