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Industries Served

High reliability application? We can help!

Since 1973, Hi-Rel has offered unique value to our microelectronics industry customers across various market segments.  Our history is routed in an intense focus on quality, quick turnaround time and putting our customers at the center of everything we do.  Within most recognizable industrial segments, we offer solutions that support both the largest and most sophisticated users of microelectronic components across the world, as well as small start-up companies and low volume houses.  As a result, we are extremely adept at cross-pollinating ideas and solutions to address any harsh environment application.

  • 200 Aerospace and Defense Customers and Growing
  • Supporting 400G in Optical Networking Market
  • Enabling new technologies in implantable medical devices
  • Maximizing petrochemical tool performance in extreme environmental conditions

We enable and protect microelectronic technologies in the following industries:

Petrochemical / Energy

Protecting Exploration Devices in Harsh Environments

Medical Devices

Helping our Customers Protect Lives

Aerospace and Defense

Preventing failure of mission critical electronics