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Optical Communication

Helping our Optical Networking / Telecommunications Customers Move at the Speed of Light

To 400G and beyond!  The optical networking industry is constantly evolving to meet the ever increasing demand for faster networks and high-speed connections as a result of cloud computing, video, and other high bandwidth applications.  For nearly 15 years, the Hi-Rel Group has supported the largest optical networking component and systems companies in the world to help meet the electronics requirements with telecommunications microelectronic components, specifically in optical networking.

As a result of the advances in optical networking components and demand on sensitive electronics, there has also been an increase in the observation of moisture and organics in hermetic packages after sealing.  Recognizing an opportunity to support our customers, we partnered with one of our optical networking component customers developing a solution that would reduce these issues, thereby creating a more robust and reliable environment.  While this is just one example of Hi-Rel’s commitment to move at the speed of our customers, we are well positioned to meet and address workable solutions in an extremely expedient manner.

At the core of how Hi-Rel supports the optical networking components market is our commitment to develop and support new designs, to provide rapid prototyping, often at significantly reduced tooling costs, and to ramp capability for high-volume production. We are an agile organization with a razor sharp focus on providing solutions for hard to resolve issues that may arise during and after system design. We leverage our vast experience in optoelectronics, as well as other microelectronics applications, to provide extremely high quality, high value products and service to our customers.

Our optoelectronic packaging component solutions for this market include:  hermetic lids, getter solutions, thermal spreaders, and solder preforms.  Our products have hermetic yields that exceed 99% and we have a number of proprietary processes that facilitate higher quality, higher performing products.

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There is no “end of the day” at Hi-Rel – we know that you are constantly designing for faster, more reliable technologies and we are absolutely on-call to help make you successful.

The components we provide to the telecommunications and optical networking component / systems manufacturers are used to protect and enable electronics in optical networking hermetic packaging.

The applications we support include:



Digital Attenuators
Optical_Networking_secondary_LAST MILE CPE
Metro and “Last Mile” CPE Equipment
Long-haul Submarine Fiber Optic Cables
Optical_Networking_secondary_WIRELESS PHONE_CELL TOWER
Wireless Phone Systems and Infrastructure (Cell Towers)
Optical_Networking_secondary_DWDM OPTICAL TRANSPORT
DWDM Optical
Transport Systems


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