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Petrochemical / Energy

Protecting Harsh Environment Electronics for the Petrochemical / Energy Markets

Oil & gas exploration and drilling are critical and expensive endeavors for our petrochemical / energy microelectronics customers  As a result, there is a very high cost of failure for these powerful systems; and providing solutions to prevent failure is what Hi-Rel is known for.  As technology develops and electronics are exposed to even higher temperatures and longer life cycles, it is even more important to partner with a supplier capable of addressing these changes. 

From our microelectronic getters – which capture contaminants (such as moisture) present within a hermetic device either at sealing or which outgas during the life of a device – to our hermetic lids, solder preforms and thermal management solutions, Hi-Rel supplies critical metal piece parts for petrochemical / energy microelectronics hybrid packages.  These components allow geologists and petrochemical engineers the peace of mind knowing that their electronics are protected. 

Additionally, one of the most unique things about Hi-Rel is its nimble structure among its facilities in the US, Canada and the UK.  Hi-Rel offers not only product customization, but we are also a deeply experienced design and manufacturing team that uses its experience to develop products for harsh environments across many industries to help identify what will work in any given situation.  We have recently developed a high temperature getter solution that supports adsorbing hermetic packaging contaminants such as moisture, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and organics.




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The harsh environment petrochemical hermetic packaging applications that we support include:

MWD (Monitor While Drilling) tools
LWD (Logging While Drilling) tools
Drill guidance systems
Offshore Well Completions
Pressure transducer products and systems, as well as sensors


With over 40 years of experience in hermetic microelectronics, Hi-Rel really understands its customers and end applications, with quality and consistency that are second to none.  We invite you to contact us about your specific need – if we haven’t seen it, we know how to partner with you to identify the very best performing petrochemical and energy microelectronics solutions to maximize the life of your electronics.