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Product Solutions

The Hi-Rel Group has been enabling technology for over 40 years with design, engineering and manufacture of microelectronic products and components.   With a rich history of supporting customers in industries that utilize microelectronics and hermetic packaging, we have developed a portfolio of customized products that allow applications and systems engineers maximum flexibility for functionality and durability.

Our portfolio of custom microelectronic products includes:

Hermetic Package Lids

Securing Hermeticity

Lids are arguably one of the most critical components in the hybrid package assembly, as the lid ensures a robust and hermetic environment for sensitive electronics.

No one does understands lid technology better than Hi-Rel.



Getter Solutions for Microelectronics

Capturing Package Contaminants

Our getter solutions, consisting of a customized getter material and a hermetic lid, prevent build-up of unwanted contaminants such as hydrogen, moisture and organics, thereby ensuring a consistent and robust hermetic environment for sensitive microelectronics.


Solder & Braze Preforms

Offering Complex Geometries and Materials

We offer exceptional solder and braze preform solutions for attaching electronic circuitry and packaging electronic components; providing both thermal and electrical conductivity as well as an interface for electronic connections.




Thermal Management Products

Dissipating Heat from Sensitive Electronics

We are experts at solving complex problems associated with thermal dissipation for microelectronics and hermetic packaging. We work closely with our customers, metallurgists and engineers to understand each unique challenge and provide solutions based on application, geometry and tolerance requirements.



Precision Support Components

Metal Piece Part Solutions

Let us be your one-stop shop for all of your metal components for microelectronics – we work closely with our customers in the manufacture and supply of other microelectronic and optoelectronic components – including ring frames and seal rings, wire bond tabs, vapor deposition materials and lead frames. Challenge – we won’t fail you!.