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Custom Hermetic Lids for Microelectronic Packages

Hermetic Package Lids

Possibly the least exciting aspect of hermetic microelectronic packaging is the lid and lidding process. This is exactly how it should be. There are often many technical challenges in the design and manufacture of a new device and unless a radical new packaging technique is also being developed, the lid seal is often taken for granted. However, Hi-Rel gets it; we are a supplier who thoroughly understands the hermetic lid sealing process and the fundamental differences and requirements of different techniques.

Our lid manufacturing capabilities include chemical etching, stamping, deep drawn, solder seal, and window, all capable of being modified to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Our metal offerings range from various ASTM-F15 alloys (Kovar, 42, 46, 48, and 49) to 300/400 Series stainless steel, to cold rolled steel. And our window material compositions vary from Borosilicate to Sapphire, depending on the specific requirements of the customer.

Hi-Rel offers several hermetic lid solutions depending on the customer’s hermetic package type and application requirement.  Please browse some of our hermetic lid options below:

Stepped Lids

Optimal Solution for Closing Hermetic Packages Using Seam Welding

Domed Lids / Can

Package Sidewalls and Component Protection in Platform Packages

Window Lids

For Integration in Most Sensor and Optoelectronic Applications

Solder Seal Lids

Combined Lid and Solder Preform Often Used for Sealing Ceramic Packages