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Hermetic Solder Seal Lids

Hermetic Solder Seal Lids

Typically used to seal ceramic packages, solder seal lids combine the lid and an accurately aligned solder preform as a single unit. This assembly makes it easy to position the lid on the package as the solder is already fixed in place. Solder seal lids offer distinct advantages compared to having lid and solder preforms as separate components.

Typically the lids are flat, but it is possible to use a stepped lid. Rapid prototyping is available in small volumes even when no standard tooling exists.

lids_tertiary_solder_seal_Combo Lid

Solder Seal Lid Capabilities

Materials Kovar
Alloy 42, 45, 48
Plating Finishes Electrolytic and Electroless nickel
Soft electrolytic gold
Solder Materials 80/20 AuSn (most common)
Other options – Sn/Ag and Sn/Pb
Shapes Flat, Stepped, and Drawn Caps 
Manufacturing Process Solder preform tack welded to plated lid
Hermetic Seal Ring frame-to-lid (ceramic package)
Customer Use Soldering

Case Study

Solder Seal Lid

For the Space Imaging Market