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Hermetic Stepped Lids

Hermetic Stepped Lids

Stepped lids offer the ideal solution for sealing hermetic packages using a seam welding processes. They may also be specified where laser welding is employed. Stepped lids are etched to ensure tight dimensional tolerances are maintained. The chemical milling technique used for etching results in a profile ideal for seam welding and provides a part free from burrs and residual stress sometimes associated with metal stamping.

Hi-Rel has a vast range of designs on open tooling to help address your specific lid requirements. If necessary, new designs can be produced and manufactured within days of receiving a customer’s instruction.

lids_tertiary_stepped_Gold Lid 1 - White


Stepped Lid Capabilities

Materials Kovar
Stainless Steel
Alloy 42, 46, 48
Mild Steel
Plating Finishes Electrolytic and electroless nickel
Soft electrolytic gold
Shapes Typically rectangular with minimal limits on sizes
Length / Width .100” to 9.5”
Thickness .005” to .060”
Tolerance ± .004 in (Typical)
± .002 in (Possible)
Manufacturing Process Typically Chemically Etched, some stamping
Hermetic Seal Seam sealing
Customer Use Resistance welding, laser welding

Case Study

Stepped Lid

For the Semiconductor Market