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Hermetic Window Lids

Window lids allow light to be transmitted from or received by optical components within the hermetic package.

The transparent media is chosen to match the required wavelength to be transmitted. It is metalized and coated with customer specified anti-reflective coatings. We can manufacture window lids to your bespoke design. Typically a Ni / Au plated etched Kovar frame is used to support the window which is hermetically sealed often with Au/Sn solder preforms also manufactured by Hi-Rel.

These lids are available for integration in most sensor and other optoelectronic applications.

lids_tertiary_window_lid_Au plated stepped lid with window - White

Window Lid Capabilities

Window Material Application Typical Transmission Wavelength Range
Fused Silica Visible – NIR imaging 0.185 µ – 2.1 µ
Quartz Visible – NIR imaging 0.2 µ – 2.5 µ
Sapphire Telecommunications, Lasers, Endoscopy, SWIR Imaging 0.15 µ – 5 µ
Germanium LWIR / Thermal Imaging 2 µ – 16 µ
Frame Materials Kovar
Alloy 42, 46, 48
Plating Finishers Electrolytic and electroless nickel
Soft electrolytic gold
Shapes Flat, stepped, typically rectangular
Manufacturing Process Chemically Etched
Customer Use Soldering