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Wire Bond Tabs

Wire Bond Tabs

Wire bonding is a method of making interconnections between a semiconductor and its packaging and Hi-Rel offers extensive capability in the manufacture of wire bond tabs.

Used as interconnect pads / bonding islands for gold and aluminum wire bond applications.  The wire bond tabs are a cost effective and flexible technology used throughout the microelectronics industry.  Kovar and molybdenum are the most common metals used due to their good electrical and high thermal conductivities and because their CTEs (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) are between that of the silicon die and that of the ceramic substrate to which the tabs are attached.  As experts in metal technologies, competitive lead times and high quality, Hi-Rel is absolutely the right partner for all of your wire bond tabs.

tertiary_wirebond tabs_steve_HRA-Plated-Moly-Tabs


Wire Bond Tabs Capabilities

Materials Kovar
Finishes Gold and Aluminum Coatings
Length .010” to 3”
Width .010” to 3”
Thickness .005” to .200”
Manufacturing Process Machined
Customer Use Mounted to ceramic substrate