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Getter Solutions for Microelectronics

We’ll Adsorb It For You!

Simply put, getters are used in hermetically sealed microelectronics devices as a material that is activated to maintain the purity of the atmosphere within the device.  

While the hermetic sealing provides a strong barrier to contamination, leakage and outgassing can sometimes introduce contamination after sealing and the use of getters within a hermetic device is a well-known solution to capture contaminants.

For over 15 years, Hi-Rel has been working with both its internal development team and its suppliers to provide superior getter solutions. One such key strategic partnership is with Johnson Matthey, a leading specialty chemicals company. Since 1999, Johnson Matthey and the Hi-Rel Group have combined their advanced technology capabilities to provide robust offerings consisting of a Johnson Matthey Protelec Getter material and a Hi-Rel lid.

Getters provide additional protection from contaminants such as

H₂O (Moisture)

– which can induce corrosion

H₂ (Hydrogen)

– which reacts with O2(Oxygen) to produce H2O which then can corrode.  Hydrogen can also attack palladium and platinum contacts in microwave chip sets (e.g., GaAs) causing failure

CO₂ (Carbon Dioxide)

– which can affect laser power and add distortion


– which can burn in laser beams laying down carbon and cause the laser to eventually fail


– which can degrade polymeric electronic systems and also attack nano electronic systems