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Moisture Getters

Moisture is an unwanted contaminant in hermetically sealed packages, often a result of outgassing from polymeric materials.

To address various application and environmental requirements, Hi-Rel has developed multiple getter solutions to adsorb moisture and avoid early device failure due to moisture contamination, as identified below.


Moisture Getter Capabilities

Hi-Rel Series Description Market Application Examples Format
HTA Series Designed for harsh environment systems. Effective up to 400oC. Can be supplied activated Petrochemical – Harsh environment, Optical Networking – Long haul/laser diode, Defense & Aerospace – High speed modulators Tablet
CP Series Used in all applications. Getters absorb contaminants at normal operating temperatures. Will withstand processing and storage temperatures up to 500oC. Normally requires activation Defense & Aerospace – Accelerometers Tablet
HGI Series Smaller form factor than CP Series getters, but otherwise used in similar applications. Processing temperature 120oC maximum. Medical – Lasers, Optical Networking – Fiber Optics, Defense & Aerospace – Radar / Gyroscopes Ink
HTI Series Form factors and cost advantages of HGI series material (in comparison to CP Series) but can withstand processing temperatures up to 320oC. Optical Networking Long haul/laser diode Ink

Case Study

Moisture Getter

For the Optical Networking Market