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Thermal Tabs (Tabs, Carriers, Sub-Mounts)

Thermal Tabs

A thermal spreader used in microelectronic packaging is a component that dissipates heat from a microelectronic chip or substrate, enabling optimal performance and promoting device longevity.

Offering thermal tabs, thermal carriers, and heat sinks, Hi-Rel prides itself in effectively delivering high quality complex geometries and materials, as well as consistently meeting customer lead-time requirements.

tertiary_thermal_spreader_Tab 3 - White

Thermal Spreader and Thermal Management Base Plate Capabilities

Materials Pure Moly
Cu/Mo/Cu (Clad)
Copper /Moly and Copper Tungsten (Composites)
Plating Finishes Gold over Nickel
Shapes / Size Extensive capabilities to customer specified shapes and sizes.  Manufactured to precise tolerances of ±0.002″ in length and width, component sizes typically range from 0.010″ to 3″ long, 0.010″ to 3″ wide, and 0.005″ to 0.100″ thick.
Manufacturing Process Machined (EDM or Milled) or stamped
Customer Use Soldering, epoxy
Material Form Flat shapes and complex shapes
Finish Electroplating (Gold over Nickel)
Thermal Conductivity @ 25oC 160 to 220 W/m*K
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) @ 25oC 5.7 to 9 ppm / K
Length .010 “ to 3”
Width .010 “ to 3”
Thickness .005” to .100”
Tolerance (Tighter Tolerances Available) .002″ (Major Dimensions) LxW
10% of Thickness (Gauge)
Flatness .001″ in/in flatness (typical)

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