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Microelectronics Product Datasheet

Product Datasheets and Resources available at this time are:

CP541 Getter Series – Moisture, CO2, O2 tablet getter.
High Temperature Protection against Unwanted Species with Hermetic Packaging – Presented at IMAPS UK in July 2015.
Improving the Efficiency of Hermetic Packaging using Novel Gettering Solutions – Presented at IMAPS UK in 2010.
HTI Getter Series – High Temperature getter solution.
HTA Getter Series – Harsh environment getter solution.
HGI Getter Series – High capacity ink getter solution.
Hi-Rel Getter Brochure – Overview of getter solutions.
Solder Preforms Brochure – Overview of Solder & Braze preforms.
Thermal Management Brochure – Overview of offerings.
Hi-Rel Group Brochure – Overview of Hi-Rel’s capabilities.

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